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"For cataract surgery, I highly recommend Dr. Frenkel. The experience with him and his staff was excellent, and the surgery center staff were outstanding. You can trust Dr. Frenkel for your cataract surgery."

Cheryl L. Prestice | EFEI Patient 


"I am pleased to express my profound satisfaction with the treatments provided by Dr. Frenkel. Through his exceptional expertise, my advanced macular degeneration and glaucoma have been effectively stabilized. As a retired court judge, I am well-versed in evaluating the merits of professional services, and I can confidently attest to Dr. Frenkel's remarkable skills and dedication. I am experiencing a renewed sense of well-being, for which I am indebted to Dr. Frenkel's unwavering commitment to my care."

Honorable Donald E. Belfi | EFEI Patient

 (January 21, 1936 – February 26, 2020)

Retired Court Judge 

"Having been blind for two years, I now feel like I'm 8 years old again."

William B. | EFEI Patient 

"I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Frenkel and the Premium Cataract Surgery offered at East Florida Eye Institute to anyone seeking top-notch eye care. Dr. Frenkel's expertise, combined with the state-of-the-art technology and compassionate care provided by the entire staff, makes this institute the ultimate destination for cataract surgery. My journey with Dr. Frenkel has been transformative, and I am forever grateful for the restored vision and enhanced quality of life that he has helped me achieve."

LeAnne W. | EFEI Patient 

"I gotta tell you, it feels like I'm 18 all over again! I'm absolutely blown away by the fact that I can see now. It's truly incredible and has left me amazed."

W.A.B  |  EFEI Patient

Family Playing Table Tennis

"Fantastic! The results have been incredible. A few months ago, I had to stop driving due to my declining eyesight. But after my surgery with Dr. Frenkel, I can see signs clearly again and feel comfortable driving. The staff is very nice. Highly recommended!"

Marc P.  | EFEI Patient 

"Man, let me tell you, my vision has reached new heights! I can see things now that I never even knew existed, like the fine print on the TV. It's all so sharp and clear, like I've got perfect 20/20 vision. I've gotta say, I'm downright amazed and grateful for this incredible change. It's like a whole new world out there!"

R.T.  | EFEI Patient 

Couple on Jetski

"For the first time in over 25 years, I am able to see clearly and drive without glasses! It's an incredible feeling of freedom and independence. Thank you so much for making this possible!"

John B.  |  EFEI Patient

"I'm absolutely thrilled to be off my glaucoma medications! It's been a fantastic journey because now I can see without relying on glasses. This experience has been truly incredible, and I couldn't be happier."

EFEI Patient 

"Dr. Barikian deserves a perfect 10 out of 10 rating! Her level of care, expertise, and ability to communicate is truly remarkable. You instantly feel that she genuinely cares about you and your vision. I consulted her for a second opinion on my wet macular degeneration, and I never considered going back to anyone else. She's absolutely fantastic!"

E.B.  | EFEI Patient 

"The entire staff at East Florida Eye Institute deserves recognition for their unwavering dedication and professionalism. From the friendly receptionists to the attentive technicians, everyone I encountered demonstrated a genuine commitment to patient care. Their kindness, efficiency, and knowledge helped create a positive and reassuring atmosphere, which further enhanced my overall experience."

EFEI Patient

Doctor High Five

"After my cataract surgery, my vision has become nothing short of amazing. In my only eye with vision, I went from almost being declared legally blind to now seeing at a remarkable 20/25. I can't even express how grateful and thrilled I am with this transformation. It's like a whole new world has opened up before my eyes."

Sally May  | EFEI Patient 

"Choosing the Tri Focal PanOptix lens was the best decision I made for my eyesight. Thanks to Dr. Frenkel's expertise, my vision is now crystal clear, and I can read everything without any difficulty. I'm so happy with the results, and I can't thank Dr. Frenkel enough!"

M. Beakes | EFEI Patient 

"I can't say enough about the amazing staff at Dr. Frenkel's office. From the moment I walked in, they made me feel like family. Their warmth, kindness, and professionalism created a comforting atmosphere throughout my cataract surgery journey. I am beyond grateful for their dedication and the incredible care they provided. It's clear that Dr. Frenkel has assembled a remarkable team."

EFEI Patient 

Colorful Balloons

"Such an amazing experience to see colors in a different way again"

Margaret Wild | EFEI Patient

"As a senior citizen, I can't express enough how grateful I am to Dr. Frenkel and his team for the outstanding cataract surgery they performed. The level of care, patience, and understanding they showed me throughout the process was truly remarkable. Now, I can enjoy the simple pleasures of life, like reading and appreciating the beauty around me, with clear and vibrant vision. Dr. Frenkel is a true professional, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking exceptional eye care."

EFEI Patient 

"Best thing I ever did!" That's how I feel about my cataract surgery at East Florida Eye Institute with Dr. Frenkel. Despite my high astigmatism and nearsightedness, the surgery was a resounding success. Now, my vision is clearer than ever, and colors are more vibrant. I never thought life was so beautiful!"

D.I.  | EFEI Patient 

"I am thrilled to share my experience with Dr. Frenkel and the EFEI team. Since my treatment, I no longer need my glaucoma medication, and I can see clearly without glasses. The entire journey has been nothing short of remarkable.."

EFEI Patient 

"I've been wearing glasses since I was 5, but thanks to Dr. Frenkel's wonderful job, I've never seen like this before! My wife looks so  beautiful, and I'm truly grateful. Highly recommend!"

EFEI Patient

Portrait of a Boy with Glasses

"I've trusted Dr. Frenkel at East Florida Eye Institute for over 23 years. Despite an hour-long drive, I wouldn't choose anyone else for my eye care. His exceptional skill during my cataract surgery restored my vision, and I'm truly grateful. I highly recommend Dr. Frenkel and his team for outstanding eye care."

Tuula Lahti  | EFEI Patient 

"My cataract surgery experience was truly remarkable. The level of care and expertise I received exceeded my expectations. I am so grateful for the improved vision and the renewed zest for life it has given me."

EFEI Patient 

Image by Alex Perez

""I feel like a time traveler, back to when I was 35! Thanks to Dr. Frenkel's expert cataract surgery, my vision is now flawless, and I don't need glasses at all. The procedure was a breeze, super quick and precise, and Dr. Frenkel nailed it! I am blown away by the incredible results.""

C. Reed | EFEI Patient

"I have been dependent on contacts & glasses my entire life. Now after Cataract Surgery my vision is GREAT! " 

Jane Holmes | EFEI Patient

"Having cataract surgery with Dr. Frenkel at East Florida Eye Institute was just like getting a tooth replaced - easier than I ever thought it would be! In fact, I wish I had done it earlier. Dr. Frenkel and their team made the entire process smooth and stress-free, and I couldn't be happier with the results. If you're considering cataract surgery, don't hesitate - it's easier than you think!"

R.H.  | EFEI Patient 

James B.  |  EFEI Patient

"I finally got the solution to my lifelong nearsightedness, and I couldn't be more delighted! The experience was seamless, and the team made sure that I was comfortable throughout the process. If you're tired of struggling with nearsightedness, I highly recommend seeking treatment at East Florida Eye Institute."

B.J. Nuner  | EFEI Patient 

"I'm still in disbelief that I went from legal blindness to passing the driver's test, but I couldn't have done it without Dr. Frenkel and the team. Their dedication and support made all the difference, and I'm forever grateful for this life-changing experience."

Gino Trapani  |  EFEI Patient

Senior Portrait

" The treatment I have received at EFEI has been life changing. I have always been a visual person and when problems arose with my vision, I had concerns. But Dr. Frenkel and staff have made MY vision better than I ever thought possible. The commitment and care I have received is above and beyond what I could have expected."

Thomas S. | EFEI Patient

"The cataract surgery I underwent was a game-changer for me. The entire team involved in my care was exceptional, ensuring that I felt comfortable and well-informed throughout the process. I can now see clearly, and the difference it has made in my daily life is incredible."

EFEI Patient 

Romantic Couple

"From being legally blind to passing my driver's test, my life has taken a complete turn. It's like I've been given a fresh start and a whole new life. I can't even put into words how grateful I am for this incredible change. It's simply amazing."

Gino Trapani | EFEI Patient

"After my cataract surgery with Dr. Frenkel at East Florida Eye Institute, it was like a veil was lifted. I can see clearly and everything is bright again. I can read and see distances without any difficulty. I highly recommend this to everyone. Age is just a number, and Dr. Frenkel showed me that getting older doesn't have to limit you."

M. Welles | EFEI Patient 

"Before the procedure, my vision was so cloudy and blurry that I couldn't even read street signs, and my wife had to drive for me. But after the surgery, my vision has improved drastically, and I can see everything crystal clear now."

D. Rankin | EFEI Patient 

"I had the privilege of being under the care of Dr. Paul Shacknow, and I can confidently say that he is an exceptional glaucoma specialist. From the moment I met him, I felt at ease with his friendly and approachable demeanor."

EFEI Patient 

"I had a wonderful experience at EFEI. The staff was friendly, the facilities were clean, and the doctor was knowledgeable and attentive. I highly recommend their services."

EFEI Patient 

"I'm extremely satisfied with the services I received at East Florida Eye Institute. The staff was professional and caring, and the doctor went above and beyond to address my concerns. They provided me with the personalized attention I needed. I would definitely return for any future eye care needs."

EFEI Patient 

"Dr. Frenkel performed my cataract surgery at EFEI, and I am pleased to report that my experience was comfortable, and the procedure was explained clearly and thoroughly. Thanks to Dr. Frenkel's expertise, my vision has improved tremendously, going from 20/12 to 20/200. I am extremely grateful for the outstanding care I received from Dr. Frenkel and the team at EFEI!."

RST | EFEI Patient

"Cataract surgery was nothing short of miraculous for me. After relying on glasses for 60 years, I now have the ability to see birds flitting among the trees, the world's colors have become more vibrant, and I can see my grandchildren's faces with crystal-clear clarity, all without the need for glasses. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to Dr. Frenkel, whose expertise, skill, and unwavering dedication to his patients brought about this incredible transformation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Linda Iken  |  EFEI Patient


"I couldnt be happier with the entire EFEI process, which includes the surgery center. There was a great combination of professionalism and kindness thoriought. The outcome of my cataracts with PanOptix implants is awesome. Especially when I consider the ease and efficiency of the procedure. I would never hesitate to do it all over again! Call me! 

G.Y. | EFEI Patient

"I was freaking out before my cataract surgery with Dr. Frenkel at East Florida Eye Institute. But, holy cow, the procedure was a breeze! I'm amazed at how comfortable and easy it was. Now, my vision is so clear, I feel like I'm seeing everyone for the first time. It's like having brand new eyes! Dr. Frenkel and the team at East Florida Eye Institute are the best!"

J.G. | EFEI Patient

"I couldn't be happier with the outcome of my cataract surgery. The skill and precision of the surgeon, along with the attentive staff, made the entire process smooth and worry-free. I can now see the world with newfound clarity and vibrancy."

EFEI Patient 

"Dr. Frenkel performed both glaucoma and cataract on both of my eyes. The outcome was absolutely fantastic. My vision was restored to 20/20 and I can now appreciate the true colors of the world. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Frenkel and the Pan Optix lenses.

Glaucoma & Cataract Patient from EFEI


Image by Jonathan Farber

"My deepest gratitude to the team who performed my cataract surgery. The professionalism and compassion they demonstrated were truly remarkable. My vision has been restored, and I am forever grateful for this life-changing procedure."

EFEI Patient 

"I was amazed by how quickly and effortlessly I was able to secure an appointment at Dr. Frenkel's office. The staff was incredibly helpful and accommodating, ensuring that I could get in to see the doctor in a timely manner. From the moment I called to schedule the appointment, they made the process simple and hassle-free. It's refreshing to find a medical practice that understands the importance of accessibility and prioritizes patient convenience. Kudos to Dr. Frenkel's team for their exceptional service in making it easy to get the care I needed."

EFEI Patient 

"Dr. Ronald Frenkel performed cataract surgery on both my eyes in the last month. Excellent results. Very professional. I would advise anyone with any vision problems to see this doctor. His experience is very comforting."

Shirley Gallagher | EFEI Patient

"I had Cataract Surgery in both eyes, now 20/20. Couldn't be happier with the Panoptix lenses. Dr. Frenkel & Staff were great."

Katherine L | EFEI Patient

Outdoor Reading

"Way easier than I had ever imagined. My vision became so bad I stopped reading. Talk about frustration. Pretty amazing what they can do these days. Should have done this 10 years ago!"

Carrie B. | EFEI Patient

"LEAGALLY BLIND to 20/20 Vision. AMAZING."

Diana J. | EFEI Patient

"Procedure went smoothly - No concerns at all! Well cared for. Vision is restored. In some regards - Better than expected!

W.D. JUNG | EFEI Patient

"Brightness. Clarity. Dramatic."

R.C. Dickerson | EFEI Patient 

Dramatic Sunset over the Mountains

"I went from being visually impaired to seeing clearly. I am so proud of my results and grateful to Dr. Frenkel for their expertise and care. Keep up the excellent work!"

R. Hemphill | EFEI Patient 

"East Florida Eye Institute provided me with exceptional care for my eye condition. The doctor was thorough in their examination and explained everything clearly. The staff was helpful and made me feel comfortable throughout the process. I'm grateful for their expertise"

EFEI Patient 

"I am thrilled to share my experience with Dr. Frenkel and the EFEI team. Since my treatment, I no longer need my glaucoma medication, and I can see clearly without glasses. The entire journey has been nothing short of remarkable.."

EFEI Patient 

"I recently underwent cataract surgery on both of my eyes, skillfully performed by the esteemed Dr. Ronald Frenkel. I am absolutely thrilled with the excellent results achieved. Dr. Frenkel's professionalism throughout the entire process was truly commendable. I confidently recommend him to anyone seeking resolution for their vision problems. Rest assured, his extensive experience in the field will provide you with the utmost comfort and assurance. Don't hesitate to consult with Dr. Frenkel - you will undoubtedly receive exceptional care under his expertise.."

C.J.S | EFEI Patient 

"Dr. Frenkel performed life-changing cataract surgery on both of my eyes. His compassion, expertise, and dedication were evident through his attentive listening, thorough answers to my questions, and even a personal call to check on me after the surgery. Thanks to him, I can confidently drive again and pursue my hobbies of painting and birdwatching. Dr. Frenkel is my superhero, and I'm forever grateful for the amazing care he provided."

EFEI Patient 

"The treatment I received at EFEI has truly been life-changing. As someone who values visual experiences, I had concerns when issues with my vision arose. However, Dr. Frenkel and his staff have exceeded my expectations by improving my vision beyond what I thought was possible. Their commitment and exceptional care have gone above and beyond what I could have imagined."

Thomas P. Smotts | EFEI Patient 

"EFEI provides exceptional care, treatment, and follow-up for eye diseases. I feel fortunate to live in PSL and have found Dr. Frenkel, as my eyes have significantly improved under his care. I am confident that with his expertise, I will maintain my sight despite the effects of glaucoma. I am truly grateful to the "Good doc" for everything. Thank you!"

R.P. Bradley | EFEI Patient 

Image by ian dooley
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