I am astounded, there are not enough word to describe how pleased I am with the difference after surgery. The resolution and brightness one day after surgery is unbelievable. I would describe the difference as an old automobile – replacing the old headlights, with new modern LED headlights. My vision is whiter, brighter & astoundingly sharper.

-Douglas Carson

I wore glasses since I was 9 years, then wore cataract lenses – OH MY GOSH! I am reading + seeing distance, it is so amazing to me, It’s so great! Going from being half blind & finally being able to have this done is such a miracle to me. I didn’t want anyone else to do it!!


Dr. Frenkel performed cataract surgery for me on both eyes – its been LIFE CHANGING! His compassion, expertise, care and dedication to ensuring the best outcomes are visible through his actions of listening, answering ALL my questions and PERSONALLY calling me at home the evening after my surgery to check on how I’m doing (WOW!). Dr. Frenkel is my SUPERHERO – I can now go back to being a confident driver, my hobbies of painting and birdwatching – AMAZING.

– Cataract Patient from EFEI

I’m lucky enough to be in the trial for Diabetic Macular Edema. Half way thru now and I see an amazing difference in my eyesight. Now able to see street signs and read comfortably. Highly recommend this treatment! Staff is excellent!

Kathleen B. Mead

My vision before the cataract surgery was getting difficult; reading road signs especially, and the glare of oncoming traffic at night, the glare of sunlight, or even a houses lamp was getting increasingly bothersome. Now these things have decreased in difficultly, immensely! Thank-You!

-Mary Lyma

I am very pleased with the services of Dr. Frenkel for his expertise and also of his staff. They are all very courteous, always smiling, patient and polite. Call me for a reference! Thank you again!

-Robert P Boulanger

Dr. Frenkel & staff did an excellent job & I am quite pleased with the results of my cataract surgery.

I’m very pleased w/ the cataract surgery on both my eyes. Both Dr. Frenkel and his team genuinely made the process easier to do. I had some apprehension but am happy about the outcome.
-P. Winchild

Dr. Frenkel and staff did a great job with my Cataract Surgery. Completely comfortable, before, during & after surgery. Thank you, Dr. Frenkel for restoring my sight.
– Bernie Boyd

Dr. Frenkel was very caring, informative and professional. I had Lasik 30 years ago and had laser for cataract with great results! Thanks!
-Deb Gibson

I had the lens replacement done 3 wks ago – it is the best thing I did! When I went back to work it was easier to see the small numbers. I totally recommend doing the surgery no more prescription for the eye. Dr. Frenkel and team are the best.

-V. Paxton

I’m very pleased w/ the cataract surgery on both my eyes. Both Dr. Frenkel and his team genuinely made the process easier to do. I had some apprehension but am happy about the outcome.
-P. Winchild

I couldn’t be more pleased with the result of my cataract surgery! I also had a complete correction of my myopia and astigmatism done at the same time. Before I came to Dr. Frenkel. I heard he was an amazingly knowledgeable doctor, and now I can tell he exceeded my expectations by far! My vision now is perfect. I recommend Dr. Frenkel to anyone who’s looking for a top ophthalmologist.

-Sandra P.

I had no idea what I was in for regarding to cataract surgery. I do know that I was very apprehensive. I shouldn’t have been. One day post Op – 20/20 vision! No discomfort at all. Dr. Frenkel is extremely capable and competent.

-Bettie S.

Both surgeries in both eyes have turned out excellent. My vision is better than it’s ever been in my life. Dr. Frenkel and his staff are the best!

— R. Korbel, EFEI patient

The before & after of my cataract surgery is just amazing. When at the theater I can now see, not just the musicians but also their facial expressions. It is just wonderful! 

— D. Allen, EFEI patient

Dr. Frenkel and the EFEI staff have been the most professional, dedicated people and have performed a miracle on my eyes. I now see 20/20!

— S. Lorenzo, EFEI patient

Cataract surgery is a miracle! Right after surgery, I could see. It was so easy and simple- a piece of cake!

— M. Gary, EFEI patient

Since cataract surgery, I have the clearest vision of my life. I started wearing glasses at age 7 so I never had really clear vision. It’s great to see clearly!

— A. Lopez, EFEI patient

Dear Dr. Frenkel, I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me back my life. You gave me back the ability to do all my normal day activities: driving, reading signs, watching TV, and so much more. My low vision was effecting me both physically and mentally. The stress of not really seeing things is gone and I feel and see great! It’s unbelievable that you took my eye with astigmatism, and a bad cataract and gave me 20/20 near and far. I could not be happier. I’m so thrilled there are such talented and caring people in the world like you! Thank you!

— P. Chesnaky, EFEI patient

East Florida Eye Institute offers the best care around. The staff is excellent and Dr. Frenkel is one of the best doctors I’ve ever seen. I could hardly see and now I am 20/20!

— R. Allen, Wet Macular Degeneration and Cataract patient

Cataract surgery with Dr. Frenkel was a great and comfortable experience.

— D. Dozier, Cataract patient

I thought I was going blind but now I can see. Everyone at East Florida Eye Institute is so pleasant, even when I am not pleasant!

— D. Johnston, Vitreous Detachment patient

They put me on Restasis. Thanks to the Doctors and Restasis, I am now able to read again. My eyes used to hurt when I read. Not only do they feel better, but they LOOK better too!

— D. Fitzgerald, Dry Eye Disease patient

Dr Frenkel implanted a new device to keep my Glaucoma under control — the Express Shunt. It is wonderful! It keeps my pressure at my personal target which Dr Frenkel says is safe for me. I don’t even know it’s there!

— N. Plaia, Glaucoma patient

I was so impressed with the thorough, attentive care I received at East Florida Eye Institute. The staff is well-trained, the doctors are more knowledgeable than any eye doctor’s office I have ever been to. I have confidence in their treatment recommendations because of their involvement in clinical trials. The doctors offer me the newest, most advanced options available anywhere.

— V. Giuliano, EFEI Patient

The treatment I have received at EFEI has been life changing. I have always been a visual person and when problems arose with my vision, I had concerns. But Dr. Frenkel and staff have made MY vision better than I ever thought possible. The commitment and care I have received is above and beyond what I could have expected.

– Thomas S.

Dr. Ronald Frenkel performed cataract surgery on both my eyes in the last month. Excellent results. Very professional. I would advise anyone with any vision problems to see this doctor. His experience is very comforting.

– Cataract Patient from EFEI

Dr. Frenkel performed both glaucoma and cataract on both of my eyes. The outcome was absolutely fantastic. My vision was restored to 20/20 and I can now appreciate the true colors of the world. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Frenkel and the Pan Optix lenses.

– Glaucoma & Cataract Patient from EFEI

I have worn glasses she I was 8 years old. My vision now without glasses is pretty good!

-Shirley Gallagher

Dr. Frenkel corrected cataracts in both my eyes. I now have 20/20 vision in both eyes! Dr. Frenkel does excellent work, and I would highly recommend him.

-Joseph S

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