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Our professional doctors here at East Florida Eye Institute have a commitment to build relationships and work together with other doctors and providers in the industry and within our communities to offer the very best and utmost quality eye care in our areas. If you are an optometrist or medical doctor interested in working with our outstanding practice, please see our links within Our Doctors section.


Surgery can be a stressful and scary event for a patient and their family. By working close with our community optometrists, EFEI will provide, in correlation with your office, the best surgical care for our patients.

Referring Doctors

Call either our Stuart or Port St. Lucie office, and our trained staff will get the pertinent information from you when you reach out for our surgical services. We will see to it that your recommendation is highly regarded.

Continuing Educational Events In Stuart and Port St. Lucie

Treatment and medication is like everything else, always changing and improving. Here at EFEI, we try our best to keep our community doctors engaged and leaving with confidence armed with the necessary knowledge to feel safe and confident in treating their patients, by attending our speaking engagements and dinners that we offer to the local medical community.


East Florida Eye Institute trains doctors in sub-specialty areas such as glaucoma and medical retina. For further information on the ophthalmology fellowships offered at our Stuart and Port St. Lucie clinics, please email

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