Dry Eye Disease Treatment options

Treatment is based on the cause and severity of the disease ad is customized on a patient by patient basis.  Treatment is targeted at supplementing the tears, conserving the tears, preventing evaporation of tears, and increasing production of tears.

Artificial Tears lubricate the eyes and help replace the natural moisture layer of the tear film.  They are available without a prescription in several different variations; preserved (in a bottle) – not recommended more than 4x a day, non-preserved (in a vial) - can be used as often as necessary and ointments – used mainly at night and which may cause temporary blurred vision. Artificial tears lubricate the eye, but they lack the complex mixture of proteins, mucins, and other factors found in normal health tears and are useful for temporary relief.

Punctal plugs conserve your own tears and make artificial tears last longer on the eye so that they do not drain out of the eye through small channels into the nasal cavity. 


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