Dry Eye Disease Diagnosis

Your Visual Acuity will be assessed using the Snellen eye chart which measures how well each eye can see.  A detailed history of your eye comfort will be obtained.  During an examination at the Slit Lamp Microscope, our doctors will evaluate your ocular surface and surrounding tissues. Successful treatment of dry eye disease is dependant on correctly diagnosing the underlying cause and level of severity of the disease.  

At EFEI, we take a comprehensive approach to treating this debilitating disease.  We not only look at the amount of tears produced, but at the overall health of tears and the way they lubricate the eye.   

Schirmer Test

A filter-paper strip is placed under the lower eyelid to measure the amount of tears that are produced in a given time frame.  

Lissamine Green and Fluorescein Dyes

These special dyes are used to show dry areas of they eye and identify underlying inflammation.  They also help to access tear film quality and stability.

Lid Evaluation

Lid disease is a major contributor to unhealthy tears.  If lid disease is present, it must be managed first in order to successfully treat dry eye symptoms.  Examples of lid disease are:  Blepharitis, Meibomitis, and Lagophthalmos (incomplete lid closure).